Hangover Remedies
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Superbowl Sunday is fast approaching and major news outlets are reporting that my hometown team are involved. With that in mind, what are people's favorite hangover remedies? Any innovative ideas to beat this crippling disease?
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Previous thread, although that one focuses specifically on the intestinal aspects of this heartbreaking syndrome.
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My 4-step cure always works for me:

- Long, hot shower
- Aspirin
- LOTS of liquid (You'll be severely dehydrated--depending on just how hung over you are, and the size of your body, you could need well over half a gallon of liquid. So pick something that you can drink a lot of. Anything carbonated is out. Fruit juice is out (too acidic, and your stomach is probably already overly acidified). Anything hot is out. Milk is out. The only things I've found that work for this part are water, ice tea, or sports drinks.)
- Fatty, greasy food. Yeah, yeah, you can get back on your diet tomorrow. An extra pound or so is worth getting over your hangover.

The steps don't necessarily have to be applied in this order--I've found the order doesn't matter too much, as long as you take the aspirin early.
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Prevention is the best hangover cure. Alternate water with every beer you drink to keep you hydrated and so that you do not lose electrolytes. Also, eating seems to help. Before you pass out, try to go to the bathroom and then drink another glass of water. Oh on preview - pretty much what DA said. The key is to not dehydrate yourself.
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Full English Breakfast. Works every time.
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no matter how pissed you are, before passing out, drink a pint of water and take 2 paracetemol.

Before you even leave to go out, put a ready-poured pint of water next to your bed and a bottle of water next to it, too, to refill. If you wake up in the night, drink the water. First thing in the morning, drink some more from the bottle.

Alternating beer with water while partying *sounds* like a good idea, but you'll look like a pink lacy girlie. For me, if I were so mature I didn't care about friends taking the piss for drinking water, I'd be mature enough not to drink myself into hangover hell.

Don't take both your kids to Sainsbury's for a weekly shop the next day. Trust me on this one.
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Agreed - avoid dehydration. I think that what you drink has a lot to do w/ your hangover, and that this can vary from person to person, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid anything with sugar in it. If you're in for a night of hard drinking, avoid beer, wine, or sugary mixed drinks. If you stick to Diet Rum and Cokes or straight up Wild Turkey (or any liquor straight up or on ice) you'll end up relatively hang-over free.
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What plemeljr said. (Make the phrase "Water back" an automatic part Also, don't mix your drinks. If you're drinking beer, stick to beer. Boilermakers will kill you.
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Don't drink. ;-)
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Sleep through it.
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Hmmm... certain remedies depend on the level of hangover.

Let's start with a level one. A few beers or suchlike and you wake up feeling a little woozy. Easy - Get up and stop being such a ponce.

Level two. A few mixed drinks, maybe a little late going to bed. Sleep as much as you can, and whenever you are awake drink some water. If you have a mild headache, don't bother with painkillers, just keep drinking fluids and if possible go out and get some exercise. Getting the blood running round the system works wonders. Eat a lardy breakfast.

Level Three. A proper sesh has occurred. You are in trouble. Do not be fooled into thinking you feel ok when you wake up, you are still drunk. If this happens at 9 in the morning, expect to be a gibbering wreck by lunchtime. Drink lots of water, try and get some food down your neck and maybe some exercise. Veterinary strength painkillers may be in order. DO NOT GO SHOPPING, VISIT RELATIVES OR INTERACT WITH ANYONE WHO IS NOT A CLOSE FRIEND AND/OR WAS INVOLVED IN THE CARNAGE. IF YOU DO YOU ARE IN SERIOUS RISK OF EXPERIENCING 'THE FEAR'. THe fear will strike when you least expect it, most probably when you are trying to pay for a cup of tea. In less time than it takes to knock back a tequila you will go from trying to appear handsome to the young serving wench to shaking like a shitting dog, unable to speak and sweating like a hog in a sauna.
Unfortunately only two options are open to you. Sweat it out watching tv and whimpering or have a hair of the dog.
IF YOU HAVE A HAIR OF THE DOG, try and drink piss-weak lagers like Budwater or Fosters. ONLY GET COMFORTABLY NUMB. DO NOT GET STEAMING PISSED AGAIN as you run the risk of missing vital meals and good sleep and will suffer even worse the next day.
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Uh, that would be www.all-about-hangovers.com
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Your team winning!
Have noticed greasy food does work.
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Wha'...? That was supposed to be:
(Make the phrase "Water back" an automatic part of each order to the bartender.)

And listen closely to Frasermoo. He knows whereof he speaks.
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Hair of the dog.
You are basically suffering withdrawal symptoms.
Just don't "over correct"
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Hair of the dog.
You are basically suffering withdrawal symptoms.
Just don't "over correct"
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