IE gives me Opera
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When I type in a URL in Internet Explorer (6), the website opens in Opera.

I have really no idea why it does this, or when it started to do it. (It hasn't always been like this.)

Usually not being able to use IE wouldn't be a problem, rather a blessing, but I need to see how things look in IE for some web work I'm doing.
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Is your default browser set to Opera or IE?

Also, isn't there a "http://" or URL file handler that you can set in Windows?
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Sorry if this is just re-stating your question, but what you're saying is happening is so weird that I want to confirm that my interpretation is correct. While you have IE open, you type the URL in the address bar, hit Enter and ... Opera is launched, opening to the website you typed in the IE address bar?
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have you tried setting the file type association to IE? (open windows explorer, in the top row of buttons select Tools > Folder Options, in the File Types tab find html and assign IE as the program, or in IE, go Tools > Internet Options, and in the program tab select IE as the default browser.

or if you are using dreamweaver you can set the preferences of what browser opens to preview the file when you hit F12 or Ctrl + F12
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That's not a file association problem. If you type the URL in IE it should open in IE - no brainer. I have to agree with Doofus and ask if our interpretation of what's happening is correct - it's just too weird.

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Response by poster: Argh, I had to run after I posted this, I'm sorry I couldn't answer the follow ups earlier. Yes, you're right, typing a URL in IE launches Opera. Yes, it's just too weird.

I'm guessing it has something to do with how IE is integrated as a file manager, but have no idea how to fix it. Opera has always been set as my default browser, but it's just lately that IE has started to act like this.
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