Are servers globally banned by any filtering services?
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I'm researching So far I find their operating policies & philosophies very solid, but I see another mf user commented, "Aren't the nearlyfreespeech servers auto banned by many filters?" (No one answered, since that was a piggyback question.) If there's any truth to that, it could be a dealbreaker for me since I need to not exclude users in academic/institutional settings. What say ye?
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I haven't had any problems and highly recommend NFS, but I don't have a ton of experience working behind filtering services. I know it works at my school, and pretty much all other universities in Ontario, and that was good enough for me.
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I also can second their service. Been using them for almost 3 years at this point with no problems, and great tech support/tech service. Never ran into any filter issues.
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No problems, either.
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I haven't had any problems with 'em.
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To be perfectly clear, what the person I quote was talking about (and what I'm asking about) is whether the people who run any of the major commercial content filtering services have implemented a global ban on any content hosted by

This sounded plausible to me since NFS makes a point of accepting "adult" and "controversial" sites. But the ONLY place I've found this suggestion so far is in that one mf comment, and the comment (which I quoted in full) sounds secondhand/uncertain.

I'm especially concerned about my users in schools, libraries, etc. in the U.S., many of which use filtering programs by default (and/or by law, in the case of public libraries). Sadly that's one of many ways in which the U.S. is not as "free" as Ontario/Canada.
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Uh... that is to say: has any filtering service implemented a global ban on ALL content hosted by
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No problems = sites I've tested have never been blocked by any filters. Have you tried asking NFS support?
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I know that BESS, one of the major filtering solutions used by secondary schools in the united states, does not have such a ban.

I use NFS, and they are by far the greatest service I've had the pleasure of using, hosting or otherwise.
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I've been a satisfied customer for about a year now. Here are two sites hosted there if you're able to test a filter:

I'll also do a search on their "members-only" support forums, see if there's any mention there.
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Ok, searched the member forums and didn't turn up anything. Considering that people complain about EVERYTHING in there, it's probably good indication that nothing is unusual as far as their servers being blocked/banned.
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Thanks everybody, especially GregX3 for looking in the member forums! I agree that if it's not there, it's really not likely to be an issue.

Now the only potential dealbreaker left is the fact that they don't provide pop or smtp, and my primary addresses are at domains I'd want to host at NFS. They will forward mail to a third-party address, and I've found highly-recommended third-party options for smtp, such as So, can I accept a somewhat higher likelihood of my emails being called spam (due to "faked" From lines and smtp) in exchange for the obvious benefits I see in using NFS? Probably... but if anyone has an alternate solution to the email problem, I would really appreciate hearing about it!
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Just for reference, I am able to view both of GregX3's test sites and I'm behind the Great fireWall of China.
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Google now has a tool for hosting email at your domain, which might work for you. It's free but it's in beta.
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