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I need help on bleaching a cotton shirt

I have a light pink cotton shirt that I want to bleach white. I wonder if I can get the color completely white, instead of a lighter shade of pink. Is it possible to bleach something to "right out of the package hanes 5-pack t-shirt" white? If so, what's the best way to do this?
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Warning: when you bleach cotton it doesn't necessarily go white. It may go a yuck brown color. Trust me.
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You may want to try Rit color remover first. Personally, I wouldn't remove color from a dyed fabric with bleach. It probably isn't going to end up being pure white. Like unSane mentioned, I think it may be yelowed, if not blotchy.

Is dyeing the shirt another color an option?
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Once you get done with the bleach, think about bluing the shirt to make it seem whiter.
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with many T-shirts the cotton may bleach (but it will never be the kind of fresh white you describe) but the stiching may stay the same colour. Thread or yarn used in stitching can be man-made (not natural) and therefore won't bleach.
My best guess from experience is you will end up with a faint pink shirt with stronger pink stitches
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