Looking for few hours of peace in downtown Chicago
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A café or such in downtown Chicago where one can have a long conversation in peace and comfort ?

I am meeting my love in Chicago this month to decide whether we breakup or not. Obviously, this could mean one long conversation. I am looking for a coffeehouse or a similar place where we can sit down and talk undisturbed for few hours during daytime. Downtown or somewhere close would be best with ease of parking.
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there isn't such a place in the Loop, unless you want to rent a hotel room, of which there are many. although you might try either the Cultural Center on Randolph or parts of the Art Institute. You can still park fairly easily in the Grant Park underground.
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Try, not cafes, but hotel lobbies. I had a long uninterrupted conversation there in the lounge area just to off the main lobby of the Allegro even, just a few months ago.

Otherwise, just have it outside. On a park bench, or while walking down the street in a quiter part of town.
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Art Institute. Downstairs there's a great cafe. Ask for a table off the beaten path and have lunch and dessert.
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Gourmands in Printer's Row was always a pretty decent cuppa and the daytime atmosphere wasn't overtly loud.
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hotels. go to the james.
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The upstairs part of the lobby at the W City Center (on Adams between LaSalle and Wells) is also very quiet and great for intense conversations. Just walk straight in and straight back and either left or right up the main stairs.
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The cafeteria in the lower level of the State Street Marshall Fields is a good place to meet and talk for hours.
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The lounge at the Drake. Historic. Old. Run down. Good tea though.

But you won't find ease of parking. If you want parking, you can go South to Hyde Park and hang out with the nerdy U of C kids. They'll make you stay together, as you'll both be more attractive than them. (I'm a proud alum).

Or go North, Fixx Coffee Bar is good, quiet, has free wifi (if you get bored breaking up) and it's open late.
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I thought of Gourmands also when I read this. Seconding Gourmands.
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By the way ... good luck.
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The bar at the Four Seasons.
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Thanks everyone.
Thanks WCityMike.

If people are still reading this (otherwise I will wait another 5 days for this): cheapest parking for 5 days in downtown Chicago? I will be using the car everyday of course, so many check in - checkouts of course.
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