Help me figure out what to do with all this space!
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Help me figure out what to do with all this space! What should I do with my den?

I recently moved into a new one bedroom + den apartment and have much more space than I need.

I have a den which is not being used at all. In my last apartment I had a similar den which I setup as a home office but never used. I just ended up bringing my laptop into the living room every day. My living room is huge so I setup a little home office in the corner - I prefer to work in the living room rather than in the 'bowels' of my apartment.

The den is essentially an alcove right off the front door of the apartment - no windows, 3 walls, not connected in any way to the main living area other than by the entry hallway. Dimensions are 4'3" x 8'4" x 4'3".

Things to keep in mind: I'm not exactly artsy - so "art studio" would be a waste for me. I'd like to use the space as more than just storage - but if I end up using it as storage what is a creative way to turn it into a storage space without just piling boxes in there (I'd like to keep it neat since it is the first thing you see when walking in).

AskMeFi, what should I do with this alcove?
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If it's really close to the front door, it can be a mud room - put in a storage bench (I use an antique church pew) and coat/hat pegs. Maybe some cubbies. Use baskets to make things look nice and keep organized.
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if you're a big reader, you could make it into a little reading room. put a big, overstuffed armchair (with an ottoman!), a little side table, a lamp... if you can, you could put shelves against the wall to hold books.

the mud room idea is nice too -- you could keep things in storage there (such as coats, boots, scarves, hats).
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Library! I love the reading room idea, so to take it one step further you could build some awesome floor-to-ceiling shelves on all three walls then put a nice comfy chair, lamp and table in the middle.
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What are you interested in? That could help us determine what to use the room for.

Have you ever had moments where you thought "if only I had a room for this"? Try remembering those moments and analyse how you could utilize the den to suit that purpose.
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In the last 3 years I learnt to enjoy lots of unused space. Not everything have to be filled out. An empty small room or an empty huge house are nice for a change.
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grow room.
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Exercise Equipment
A guest bed
Art museum
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bike shop
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Get a bunch of sand, paint the walls blue, hang a hammock from the walls or ceiling, put in a fake palm tree and you have a beach room. Don't forget cocktails, sunglasses, and a stereo to play ocean noises.
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