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Looking for a place for a small wedding reception in the Tiwn Cities, with a few other specifications.

This is a spur-of-the-moment wedding, so I don't hold hope I'll be able to meet all of my desires, but here's a go:

The wedding reception will be 15 people or under on a weekend in early December of this year. I'd like a nice restaurant with a private room. I'd like it not to be exorbitantly expensive, as we're on a budget. (I don't want to throw out price ranges, as I'd like to see what you guys come up with.) The actual ceremony will be in Excelsior, so I'm not opposed to restaurants in the outer suburbs. I'd like to completely avoid downtown Mpls, which I know limits options, but, man, I HATE downtown. My most specific request, and I'm flexible on this, is that the private room have a window or two. Most don't, I know, but I'd like to avoid being stuck in a basement or a wine cellar. A plus PLUS would be a restaurant on one of the lakes, but I know those tend to be in the upper price range. Good vegetarian fare is a plus, but not a must. Basically: a nice place (but not TOO nice as to impose a stiff atmosphere and a weighty check) with a great atmosphere, not downtown.

Any ideas? I'm open to the idea of renting a space, and bringing in catering, too.
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Response by poster: Wahh, Twin Cities.
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A co-worker of mine just got married up there last year. She was originally looking at The Depot in Minneapolis, but ended up at the University Club on Summit Avenue. At the University Club, she was very happy with everything, especially the food. She also has references for catering/cakes/photographers/flowers if you'd like (she grew up in the area) - my email's in the profile. Good luck!
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Jax Cafe in Northeast . It's probably on the higher end, but worth checking out. They have five private rooms. I know one or two would be the right size. Very nice place. Not sure where the rooms are though.

James J. Hill House in St. Paul could make for a great event, even for a small party.

Sorry I can't think of much near Excelsior. Give me a little time to ruminate.
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The Arboretum is much closer. Lake views are large rooms, it seems. Smaller, more intimate have different views.
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We had a nice meal with about a dozen folks in the back room at Brix in St. Louis Park recently... I dunno about reception, though - it's mostly set up for a group to just eat, no room for dancing or anything. Does have windows, though, and wasn't too pricey.
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but ended up at the University Club on Summit Avenue.

I've really enjoyed weddings at the University Club, but it'll be pretty cavernous for 15 people.

How about Azia, 26th ans Nicollet? Reasonably nice place, I think they have a private room, and not horribly expensive.

and congrats!
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We had a birthday party in a private room at Maggiano's at Southdale a year or two ago, and it was very nice. No windows, and there's really only room to sit and eat, but the food was delicious and the room was quite beautiful. They had some dinner deal where you got unlimited servings of salad and apps and entrees to serve around family style for a fixed per-head price.

A wedding reception basically at the mall is awfully informal, but I thought I'd throw this option out there. I think it'd be less expensive than the other ideas listed, and eating family style with your 15 closest friends/family after your wedding sounds really cozy and appealing to me.
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Best answer: It's not a "private room" place, but it's small enough that you could effectively take it over, and/or arrange with the ownership to actually take it over...

The "318 Cafe" (formerly Bean and Wine Cafe) on 18 Water Street in Excelsior? Very close to your main event. Not really a sit-down-meal kind of place unless you made special arrangements, I think, but that might suit you just as well.

[And congrats!!]
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Response by poster: All wonderful suggestions! Thank you.

Clever Sheep, thanks for jarring my memory about the 318! My partner works at the music store down the street (which is where we're getting married) and is friendly with the owners, so that's a really fabulous idea, and I'm definitely going to look into it.

Thanks, MeFites. You rock.
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Response by poster: The 318 Cafe in Excelsior ended up being booked that night, but they offered to cater wherever we ended up having the reception. We decided to do the whole thing at the music store! Thanks so much for the suggestions again - I highly reccommend 318. I e-mailed them, and was answered in a couple of hours. The owner was apologetic for not being able to accomdate me exactly, but immediately suggested the catering option, along with a few others perks. Great people.
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Response by poster: Wow, spelling. Not going so well for me lately.
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