Disorganised groom. Neat places to stay for 200 bucks a night in Seattle and Vancouver
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Honeymoon groom completely useless and disorganised and needs help. Nice places to stay in Seattle and Vancouver. Budget about 200 bucks a night.

We're on our honeymoon and have booked the flights and now need places to stay.

I was meant to do this but time has passed me by......

Any nice places to stay in Vancouver and Seattle? We like apartments rather than hotel rooms. We have a budget of approximately £100 a night (190 US bucks and 215 Canadian dollars).

The stay in Seattle will be for 3 days (our longish stopover - to be honest a cheap hotel would do) and the stay in Vancouver will be for 10 days.

I've found Sandman suites in Davie in Vancouver. Are they good? We will most likely just sleep and use them as a base but if they are nice this is a bonus. I love good architecture and would love to stay in a place which an architect is proud of. However a place in the centre is good.

We plan to visit the rockies and parts of Vancouver (its the mellow part of our honeymoon - The 7 day Alaska stretch is the tight itinery).

All help very welcome. Thanks Metafilter.
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The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle is really spectacular and romantic.
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Response by poster: Just found this

What is the Opus like? It sounds lovely.....
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The Edgewater is indeed nice. Nearby is the Monaco, a boutique hotel run, I think, by the Kimpton people. Very pleasant. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with B&Bs or apartments in the area, but I did read about a French restaurant in Belltown with a few apartments for rent above, and I think there are some nice B&Bs in Queen Anne. I will see what I can find out.
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The Opus is great. Very cutting-edge stylish. It's a hotel, though, not apartments.

I must point out that the Rocky Mountains are nowhere near Vancouver.
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sandman would put an architect to sleep. it's located right on english bay (yay!) but it's an older property.

check out the Sylvia instead, a block away.

pan-pacific is beautiful too

opus is very very nice

your friend is Hello BC Tourism BC run hotel reservation system and advice.

As for the Rockies, they are about 1-3 days away from Vancouver. Beautiful country, but you need a car to get there, or a day and a half by train. consult the Hello BC site for more details
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Instead of the rockies (way too far), consider the mountains right on the coast, including Whistler, Blackcomb, Grouse, Seymour and Cypress. Not being a mountain type person myself, I don't have recommendations about them in particular, but the farthest (Whister/Blackcomb) are about a 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver, and the rest are considerably closer.
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The Sylvia's a great old building in a wonderful location, but the rooms themselves can be a little tired and dowdy.

Another nice "boutique" hotel in Vancouver is the Wedgewood. I'm sure there's more; I'll ask my better half when I get home.
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If you're willing to deal with the ferries, Victoria has some nice B&Bs as well as the Empress. I don't know anyone who's actually stayed there, though. Most people just go for high tea. We spent the honeymoon in Victoria.

As for Seattle, second on the Edgewater, which is where the Beatles stayed and the Led Zeppelin mud shark incident happened. If you have the money, the Sorrento is worth it. As for B&Bs, I've heard good things about the Green Lake Guesthouse.
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Here's a couple of more Vancouver suggestions, courtesy Mrs. Timeistight: the Metropolitan and the Waterfront.
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My brother in law was in the same shape as you. He called me about a month before the wedding and screamed, "Help!" I lived in Seattle at the time and would recommend the Pan Pacific for Vancouver - make sure you let them know it's your honeymoon and you just might get an upgrade.

For Seattle (where I lived and where I just spent the other weekend), The Edgewater is fine, but I wasn't particularly impressed with the rooms. They do have great views of the water (because, literally, you are hanging right over it), but I found it to be a bit noisy with the ferries. And there is something not right about being in the Pacific NW and having a gas fireplace.... I suggest a night or two in SEA, then renting a car and heading to the San Juan Islands!

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Wotif.com have a huge variety of last minute acoomodation going cheap. It migh be wothr a browse.
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When you make your reservations make sure you tell them you are on your honeymoon. That frequently gets you a room with a view etc. for no extra charge. You might want to remind them at check-in. Congratulations by the way.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the recommendations!

We chose the Sandman in Vancouver and the Edgewater in Seattle.

In November we got a room rate of around £100 a night at the Edgewater and £45 a night at the Sandman.

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Best answer: Just returned.

Edgewater was great. A bit expensive but close to town and lovely rooms. Don't eat at the restaurant though (bad service and the food was boring).

Sandman on Davie Street in Vancouver had small rooms but entirely amenable. Nice balcony but the wind precluded any romance. Very invisible staff but that worked for us.

Again thanks for the help metafilter.
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Instead of the rockies (way too far), consider the mountains right on the coast, including Whistler, Blackcomb, Grouse, Seymour and Cypress.

I'm fond of the third one.
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