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Where can I find some good, solid software for my HP Imagesmart C618 camera with the Digita Operating system?

So I bought a HP C618 camera and it came with the Digita Operating system onboard. Digita has a powerful scripting language that allowed for lots of homebrew possibilities. but I cant find anything online besides MAMA (video game emulator on your camera). This could be because the camera/operating system is from 2001. Anyone know where I can find some easy-to-install, wont-ruin-my-camera Digita software?

Bonus question (and actually more important but harder to answer), for some reason I cannot get my camera to keep a constant connection to my desktop at home. It will download a few pictures but then give me an error message. I have 165 pics on there which I'd really like to download. I am hopeful theres some Digita-enable software out there for my Windows XP machine which will make it easy to get these pictures off my camera
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