Vegetarian thanksgiving options in southern Minnesota?
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I'm looking for a good vegetarian-focused (as opposed to just vegetarian-friendly) restaurant or buffet for Thanksgiving brunch/dinner somewhere around the Twin Cities area. It doesn't need to be actually in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but within a few hours' driving distance is preferred. Bonus points if the city where this elusive destination also has family friendly Thanksgiving-themed events like hay rides, etc.
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Best answer: Within a few hours driving qualifies the Wisconsin Dells, right? Well, you might want to check out The Cheese Factory, a place my vegetarian family swears by. Excellent dishes, family atmosphere, the works.

As for Thanksgiving activities, I'm sure the Dells will offer something up for you. Either that, or you can find an excuse to eat a lot of tofurky and then slide down a bunch of indoor water slides.
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The Dells is a good three hour drive, at least, from MSP.

Udupi in Columbia Heights is the only all vegetarian place I know of in the Cities. You'd only be a few minutes from the northern burbs and plenty of farms with hay rides, etc.

Evergreen in Minneapolis is also great, almost all vegetarian, though it resembles a cafeteria and may not have the best atmosphere for your family.
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