Help me watch this video without having to turn my head sideways
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Being forgetful, I turned my digital camera sideways when making a video on it. So now I have a sideways video. Is there any way to make it play right side up?

If you don't know what I mean, please see this video.
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Virtualdub has a rotate filter that will do what you seek. If you're lazy, post a link to your video and I'll filter it for you tomorrow (ping me if I forget to check this thread).
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What platform are you on? If you're able to import it and save it in Quicktime, then Quicktime Pro certainly has the ability to rotate clips.
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Wow, that was fast. I think I'll try Quicktime Pro, which I am currently "obtaining". Thanks!
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What type of file is the original video?

If you don't care what the output format is, the free Windows Movie Maker has a filter (Video Effects, Rotate) that allows you to turn a video 90 degrees. It can read various file types, but only outputs into .wmv files. If you don't care about the format, however, it works fine. I bet there are other free video programs that has a similar filter/effect, though.
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(Sadly, I did this with a friend's videoTAPE recorder, while I was filming the birth of her son. Heh.)
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Just to repeat, I take movies on my Digicam, which plays in Quicktime. Then in properties of movie, you can flip it (rotate 90deg) and export/save it out.

I have to export it to encode in something normal people can play anyway :)
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