OSXFilter: MySync broken - how to fix it?
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OSX SoftwareFilter: How can I fix what MySync did to my Mac mini, and find a new solution to keep my machines in sync?

Okay, here's the backstory. I got an iBook back in August for my first semester at college. I've been using it to keep notes and other portable computing stuff. I've been taking my class notes and other stuff in the program Yojimbo, and using MySync to keep Yojimbo, iCal, my Safari bookmarks, and other stuff together without having to buy a .mac subscription. It worked almost flawlessly.

About a week or two ago, while trying to sync with MySync, I got an error saying my desktop, boojiboy, was "foobar" (no. really. that's the error message. No explanation.)

Since then, I've been trying like mad to get things to sync again. For a time, it wouldn't even start a sync session, but I hammered that out. Now it syncs, but takes up to ten minutes to locally sync the data on my desktop... and it's not actually syncing. Every time I reopen Yojimbo, it shows the same stale notes, while my laptop is the most current.

I have tried:
1. Resetting the sync histories of both machines
2. Nuking the archived data that MySync saves on the desktop box
3. Nuking MySpace and reinstalling (using AppZapper)
4. Switching the Desktop to "Slave" and the laptop to "Master"
5. Nuking my desktop's Yojimbo database (after backing up the data)
6. Repairing Permissions and Verifying my desktop's hard drive. (I know it's hoo-doo, but I'm out of ideas.)

Furthermore, I just checked my desktop's iCal to find it displaying doubles of all my calendars before having every calendar disappear.

So, my questions to you:
1. How can I fix the glitches that MySync has made on my desktop
2. How can I synchronize data between my Macs?
3. Am I going to have to shell out $99 that I don't have for a .mac account?
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According to the MySync support page:
MySync writes debugging information to ~/Library/Logs/MySync/MySync.log, which can be viewed in Console.app using the "MySync Log" item in MySync's "File" menu (keyboard shortcut Command-L).
Have you looked at that yet?
posted by majick at 7:12 AM on October 28, 2006

Response by poster: Yeah, and I've found nothing useful. It only displays the error message, not what's causing it.
posted by SansPoint at 11:23 AM on October 28, 2006

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