Hallucinogens at Titanic cast party?
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Does anyone here remember an incident that may have happened during the filming of Titanic? I remember a story that I read in the newspaper around that time saying that several people were taken to hospital after unknowingly ingesting a hallucinogen at a cast party.

As I remember it, dozens of people were involved, including cast members and crew. There may have been something in a stew or soup. I looked for some follow up story at the time, but never heard anything else. Does anyone else remember this story or am I having flashbacks myself?
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As I remember it, some of the cast got some PCP-laced clam chowder. Over at the IMDB, it says:

On the final night of shooting in Nova Scotia, one or more pranksters mixed PCP (angel dust) into the clam chowder served to the cast and crew. 80 people were taken ill, many hospitalized with hallucinations. Bill Paxton felt listless for two weeks after the incident.

So I at least remember the IMDB version of the story.
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Thanks for the imdb info. I had googled for the story, but didn't think of looking it up on imdb....any further details would be appreciated.
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This site says it was LSD. I remember reading about it in the Wall Street Journal at the time and I recall them saying it was LSD too. Can't find that article though.
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It was PCP. My mom's boyfriend worked on the shoot in NS from beginning to end as a carpenter. I'm surprised you can't find anything online because it was big new at the time.

Google.ca turned up this, and this.
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