It says "ask anything," so I'm asking.
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Help me find a gospel song that includes the lyrics "ask anything that you will in my name."

Back in 1983, as a freshman in college, I heard my college's gospel choir sing a song that included the lyric "ask anything that you will in my name." I used to be able to remember the line right after that as well, but it has faded from my memory. The song hasn't, though--23 long years later, I still would like to hear it again. This is African-American gospel, not bluegrass gospel.

Any thoughts? Alternately, can anyone point me to a website with gospel lyrics that allows searching by lyric? I've found a bunch of gospel lyric sites but they all provide lyrics if you name a singer or song title, and if I knew that, I wouldn't have to ask.
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This is the result I got for "anything that you will in". Scroll down to the bottom of the central column. Someone else is looking for your song too!
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"Ask what you will" is a song recorded by Luther Barnes and Red Budd Gospel Choir, and by Irma Thomas. I'm not finding the lyrics anywhere to confirm this is your song though.

Here's one called "in my name"; doesn't seem to be your song, but you never know.
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Are you sure you remembered the lyrics right? That phrase is from John 14:12-14 and is variously translated as
  • And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do,
  • If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.
  • If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.
  • And I will do whatever you ask in my name,
I don't think a Gospel song would misquote what ever translation it was based upon.
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LobsterMitten, thanks. I was able to sample "Ask What You Will" (the Irma Thomas version) here:

Alas, that's not it.

MonkeySaltedNuts, I'm pretty sure about the lyrics...they are "Ask anything that you will in my name, I am [something something]." At least, that's the song that plays in my head. Which, of course, given the vagaries of human memory, might not actually be the song the Oakland University Gospel Choir sang on the wintry Michigan day lo these many years ago.

If I can't turn up this song, I might just try listening to some other gospel music. Perhaps there is another perky gospel song in the universe that I would enjoy listening to.
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Cheesy though it may be, "Never Alone" from the soundtrack of the movie "Fame" is a great one.

I also highly recommend "Looking for You" by Kirk Franklin and his choir. It's on my workout list!
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Is the choral director still the same at Oakland U? Or could you call the music department there and ask them if anybody else remembers, or if they're in touch with the old director or anyone who was in the chorus that year?

Another possibility would be to get in touch with someone who knows gospel music better than we do -- church with a gospel choir where you live? music store? music librarian? forum somewhere (eg as returned by googling for "gospel music forum" or "gospel music message board")?
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Here's my longshot possibility. There is a song called Ask Anything In My Name which was performed by the North Carolina Mass Choir, on their album "Let's Magnify The Lord". A CD can be bought in the Amazon Marketplace new or used. The Amazon song clip didn't like my machine, so an alternate one is available in Yahoo shopping: a 30-second clip link here. Gee, now Amazon's link works here, so take your pick.

Points in favor: 1. It's done by what appears to be an all -- or predominantly -- African-American choir. 2. It's perky. Sort of.

Point against: The exact wording noticeably deviates from your remembered quote.

Well, I didn't say it was likely, just that's it's a possibility.
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I have no idea about the song you seek, but as for recommendations:

Soul Stirrers - Anything with Sam Cooke singing lead
Golden Gate Quartet
Dorothy Love Coates
Swan Silvertones
Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama

These are 40's & 50's black gospel (GGQ may go back to 30's) which is the only style I like. I'm an athiest so I'm just in it for the music.
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