Good FLV Players?
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Looking for a web-based FLV player (ideally want it to approximate the youtube one.) For-pay is fine. The usage has to be just 'pass your flv url to the player and it plays' (ie. not something that requires manipulation in Macromedia Flash to work.) Any pointers? Thanks.
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I like FLV player. Simple, small, and clean.
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I use mediamp at the moment, but I keep meaning to test Jeroen Wijering's one. (Not least because of the nicer chrome.) The only commercial product I can remember at the moment is wimpy.

(and Firas is looking for a web-based player, rather than a locally installed app)
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There also appear to be various flvplay.swf and flvplayer.swf apps to google for more information on.
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Response by poster: I think someone could make a relatively easy killing by doing a pixel-by-pixel recreation of the google/youtube/etc. players.
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YouTube used to use the Wijering player for quite some time, and it works pretty well. I'm not sure if we use it in Vox, but we certainly considered it, and it does just take an FLV to make it work.
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