Sitemap on bilingual Typepad site?
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I have a bilingual website hosted on Typepad and want to create a sitemap for both sites that is friendly with Google Webmaster tools.

I have a bilingual (French-English) website hosted with Typepad and want to create a sitemap to upload and use with Google Webmaster tools. The structure is and, respectively. On Typepad, this means two weblogs, maintained separately, with the default blog being the English one. There is a link at the bottom of the page to switch to the French blog, with files in the /fr directory as I mentioned.

I used a sitemap generator and entered for the English site, and for the French site. No problems there, it created a sitemap for both English and French sites. However, Google only accepts the sitemap at the root directory (the English site, since it is the default).

I uploaded a sitemap into /fr and it said that's a no-no. However, this sitemap generator does not retrieve content from the French portion of the site through the link at the bottom of my English default page, and only sees the actual link to go there, being

Should I copy all the links generated separetely from the French site, below the links from the English sitemap and merge them into one sitemap.xml file? Thanks for your input.
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