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What do I put into a media packet for print advertising?

I am an account manager at a small newspaper here in the Midwest. It's slightly disorganized and has been run into the ground. We're rebuilding it to serve a rural part of the state, and focus on local news.

In order to bulk up revenue, we have been trying to target the larger corporations to run ads with us. Most of them want a media packet, what are they looking for???
I'm not going after anyone really glamourous, mainly hardware stores and chain restaurants.

What sort of information do I put into a media packet?
Any and all help in advertising would be great as well.
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Best answer: A rate card, publication schedule, advertising specifications, deadline info, circulation, demographics on your readers, etc. Granted some of those might tricky if you are really small though. You might also want to include sample issues and a summary of the paper in there. Some people include lists of existing advertisers.
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I placed some advertising for my company recently and one magazine sent me a media kit. It's a five page document with a cover letter, rates, deadlines, demographics, circulation etc. (What ml98tu said) If you want to post an email address I'll send it to you.
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Best answer: ml98tu's got it. Also, browse around to larger papers and magazines and check out their media kits.

(And I've only ever heard them called media kits.)
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