Midterms in MA
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I'm going to be traveling in Boston on election night. Any suggestions for friendly bars that would be tuned in and friendly for watching election returns?

I'll be staying downtown, but anywhere I can get to on the T would be fine.

(One more note: By friendly, I really do mean friendly in general, but I will be rooting for the blue wave as it were, just in case it's relevant.)

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Aren't bars usually closed on election day?
posted by Gungho at 11:33 AM on October 27, 2006

As crazy as the MA blue laws used to be, I don't believe that bars are closed on election day here.
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This sounds like a job for Mayor Curley.
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Well check this out. In most states bars are open, MA included.
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Anyway to answer your question... Copley Square will be the hot spot with a number of candidates holding their victory/concession parties in the hotels thereabouts. Try the bar in the Westin Copley.
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The Fairmont Plaza hotel in Copley Square is where Deval Patrick held his victory party after the primaries, so it's a good bet he will be there again on election day. I'd focus on that area rather than downtown.
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The 21st Amendment, across from the statehouse, will be where the hardcore folks are.

Omni Parker House is a good bet, too.

Copley is indeed where most of the action is, but most of those are newer hotel bars. The Oak Room at the Fairmont is the only Old Boston-style place in the area, but it's not likely to have the best energy (if they're even showing returns).

If you want to be with old pols in a more traditional Boston atmosphere, go with my suggestions. If you want to be close to the candidates and their people, go to Copley.
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(Saucy Intruder is right that Patrick will have his thing in the Fairmont, so the Oak Bar might be hopping that night-- the Patrick folks will have their own space, but it'll probably spill over to the generally dowdy bar.)
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I strongly recommend coming to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. It's a fantastic celebration of American participatory democracy and wonkish delights. They have national broadcasts, live feeds from local areas and MC'd calls from major pundits and politicians.

Not much of a refreshment selection (bad beer and snacks) but definitely a social place to watch the returns. If you get bored or need a decent drink, Harvard Square is full of bars.
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I second the 21st Amendment. I used to date a girl that worked at the statehouse and that's the place to be if you're into politics.
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Response by poster: Just to follow up, the 21st Amendment was a great suggestion. Thanks, everyone!
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