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I'm looking for household organization templates.

I'd like to learn how to optimize the use of my living space. Ideally, I'd like to find a site that would tell me where to put my bottle opener, knife sharpener, and paper towels. Do you know of any websites that fit this description?
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How about Organized Homemaker? Lots of ideas there, including 50 Ideas to Organize Your Home to get you started.
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Organized Home has free printables. Plus the Forums offer many challenges & tips - a great place to ask where to store your bottle opener. And look under the News Index for the New Year Grand Plan - a week by week, step by step, guide to organizing & decluttering.
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If you want someone to help you get started, you could hire a professional organizer. Here's a link for London based organziers. It seems like you could pay for a few hours of work for them to set things up for you, and if you later get overwhelmed, have them come back.
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The book Home Comforts is reputed to be a very bossy, describe every detail, book about housekeeping. Might see if your bookstore/library has a copy that you could peruse to see if it fits your needs.
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