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What is the name of the music that accompanied the Pink Panther cartoon series?

I'm aware that the main theme was by Henry Mancini, but I'm after the music that was in the background during the cartoon itself. The music fequently synched up with the action onscreen. I have found the credited composers for the Fritz Freleng cartoons, but my google-fu is failing me for a title.
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Try here.
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The piece was composed by Henry Mancini; Plas Johnson was the saxaphonist who performed the number.
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Response by poster: To clarify, I just remembered why this was in my head. It's the music that accompanies Ursula Martinez's act in this video (NSFW later in the video!)
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Best answer: ...and eventually to answer my own question, it's another Henry Mancini tune, A Shot In The Dark, from the Pink Panther film of the same name. MP3 here.
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