Best way to display a 12x18 poster?
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Frame-wise (or not) what's the best way to display posters like these (sized 12 x 18)? I just bought three of them and it feels wrong just to put push pins through them.
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What I've done before is push the pin into the wall right beside the edge of the poster. The poster will be caught between the head of the pin and the wall. No hole but you might have a slight indent left where the head of the pin pushes against the poster.
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Use putty.
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Poster hangers? Like these perhaps, or I've seen cheaper plastic versions.
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You could always frame them, but I've had a lot of success using velcro for posters I didn't want to damage. Just get the self stick kind and stick it to the back of the poster and the wall. It even worked to hold up a 5' x 5' poster that was too heavy for anything else.
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You can get a clip frame. This is basically a 12x18 sheet of glass and a 12x18 piece of wood and some barely-noticeable clips that hold them together with your picture in between.
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Ikea makes a nice cable and clip system that works really well. You hang the cable from one wall to another and put the clips and posters on it and slide them around. Here's an example of a clip frame, which is nice and minimal, but protects the poster.
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12x18 isn't too big to mat and frame. The posters are cheap but they would look like high art if framed well.
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If you don't frame it use these. No damage to wall or surface, and they are cheap.
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Any of the standard craft stores should have a large frame selection.

They will almost surely cost more than the actual posters.
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If you live anywhere near an Ikea you'll find they have plenty of inexpensive frames in common poster sizes.
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A method I learned from a friend of mine is to attach small binder clips to top corners, and hang the clips from nails. I quite like the look of it.
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I've put two binder clips at the top, then put pushpins throught the metal parts of those.

An odd but sometimes neat looking idea? Use a skirt hanger to hang it up, and hang the hanger off a nail in the wall.
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