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Los Angeles Costume Help: In search of one of the famous red multi-level hats that members of Devo have worn in numerous pictures and in the music video for 'Whip It'

I have few costume events coming up this season, the first of which is tomorrow night. I'm going to dress up as one of the guys from Devo's Whip It video (black shoes and socks, black shorts, black shirt with cutoff sleeves). I don't have a whip yet, but I figure I can either find one at a run of the mill Halloween shop, or make my own out of a belt or even duct tape. If I find some, I'll pick up some big clear sunglasses too. What I'm really missing is the key part of the costume -- the trademark red hat.

I'd like to buy one, if I can find one in a local costume shop. Anyone know where I can pick one up in the LA area? There are a number of online shops selling them, but I need one ASAP. If I really can't find one I can always make one, but I'd rather have one that looks nice and won't fall apart after five minutes.

To make this costume extra-annoying, I am going to be carrying around some miniature speakers in my pocket that are going to be blasting the song on loop all night. Fun times!
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Give Robinson's Beautilities a call, in Culver City.
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As they say; Its not a hat it's an "Energy Dome" :-)

Anyway clubdevo.com has them as does ozziedots (4637 Hollywood Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA 90027 )
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You know they're flower pots right? Try the local home depot
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A do it yourself method, from Cockeyed.com
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bitdamaged, finding that exact flower pot style in the right size and weight would probably be a challenge.

Last year Target, of all places, sold the Devo costume with the hat you want (and a yellow jumpsuit)! I don't think they have them this year, but it's worth checking. I saw one in a thrift store last week and would have bought it but the thrift store had overpriced it.
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They sold the yellow jumpsuit with the energy dome? Heathens! Those outfits are TWO ALBUMS APART!
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Make sure you follow Devo's advice on how to wear your energy dome.
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InfidelZombie, yes. :) So it was like getting two costumes in one! What a deal!

Now, if they had just included the plastic hair thingies as well...
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It couldn't hurt to go right to the source, since you're so close to it: check out Mutato Muzika on Sunset Blvd. Maybe Mr. Mothersbaugh himself will have a spare hat or two lying about.
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