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What is the name of the sound at the start of cassette tapes and where can I find one online?
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Do you mean the dud-dud-dud-dud sound they made? That's an analogue sound made by the glue that attaches the magnetic tape to the clear leader passing over the read head. I'd like to have a copy of it too, and one of a cassette being flipped: it'd be great for mixes.
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Some sort of test tones I think, maybe for Dolby noise reduction. Have a look at this discussion. I can't find the "Hertz ride" sample mentioned there - it may have been removed for copyright reasons.
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That's the XDR tone, previously discussed here.
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Heh. Around here, a lot of casette tapes start with the click-hiss of a beer can opening. My dad and uncle used to keep in touch by mailing audio tapes back and forth, and that's how they'd open each recording.
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I don't knowwhat they're called other than "test tones," but I used them in a song here (scroll down toward the bottom - the song is called "Oh Yes").
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There's a perl script for everything.
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Response by poster: This is awesome, guys, thanks!

And, exogenous, just search for the user's name for the guy who created the "hertz ride," you can find it there.
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