How is your French biscuits knowledge?
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I am looking for the name of some delicious French biscuits or, ahem, cookies which seem easily found in any French supermarket or corner store, but elusive on the internets....

These come in a clear plastic wrapping packet with a singular circular label. They consist of two wafer-esqué latticed soft wafers with a very thin vanilla cream filling and are elliptical in nature, although the constraints of biscuit manufacture prevents the maker from generating a true ellipse. You get about 10 of them per pack.

Extra special bonus points if there is anywhere in the US from which one may be able to be ordering them. Thanks a bunch.
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Best answer: You might have luck looking for "gaufrettes" or "gaufres." Is this close to what you're looking for?
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Here are some more, of various kinds.
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I always thought those were Dutch cookies, called Stroopwafels.

There's a picture here, are those what you mean?

That name might at least give you a better search term. They carry stroopwafels in my local co-op and in Swedish/Scandinavian import stores around here (New Hampshire, not normally a bastion of elusive foreign foodstuffs).
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Stroopwafels are filled with caramel/syrup, not vanilla cream.
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Sitting next to the (yes, more common) caramel and maple ones are often vanilla ones. Like I said, it might be a useful search term.
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Reading the previous posts, I wouldn't be surprised if you were looking for the Gauffres RITA. They're usually in a clear packaging (although this one is not) and come in different flavours.
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They're a specialty from the Northern area, close to Belgium - they're called simply 'gaufres du Nord a la vanille'. There's also a version stuffed with soft, silky unrefined sugar (another specialty), which I personally prefer, but hey.

You can find them there:

...but these ones, from Meert, are to the supermarket ones what fine Burgundy is to cardboard-packed Romanian wine, or rather what Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is to vanillin. I know people who travel from England just to go buy some pastries at Meert. And they deliver abroad, too!
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Response by poster: Yes cgs!! They are the ones! Succes Du Jour indeed. Thanks everyone else for the suggestions, I am off to order some!
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FYI, the soft, silky unrefined sugar Spanner Nic is refering to is called "vergeoise" in French.
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