Dodgeball gear in Boston, Help Please!
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Dodgeballs in Boston! Harder to find than one might think!

Urgent help needed. Tonight my roommate and I are attending a Halloween fiesta and we NEED two dodge/kickballs and they appear to be unavailable in the Boston city proper. City Sports, my normal go-to says they dont carry the goods...any other ideas?? Please, our costume depends on it!
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A lot of grocery stores have giant bins of balls for kids, have you looked there?
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Response by poster: I am new to town and have no car...should have included this in the initial report. And I live in the North End.
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My Target (in central CT) had some halloween-themed ones earlier this month...can you get to a Target? It looks like there's one in Somerville. (Despite having eyeballs or spiders on them, they had the properly grippy dodgeball surface.)
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You should try the Target and Toys R Us (if it's still there - bankruptcy??) near Andrews (red line). The mall they're in is a short walk or shuttle bus ride from the T, called South Bay. There's also a KayBee Toys in the Cambridgeside Galleria - a short walk from Lechmere (green) or Kendall (red). There's also a shuttle from Kendall.
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Also known as playground balls, if you're calling around.
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I think whatzit has the best suggestion (Galleria Mall), especially if you're coming from the north end. Take the Green line from North Station to Lechmere.
If none to be found at the Galleria, you can pick up the 87 bus to the Somerville Target. If that fails, take the 87 further onward to Porter Square and try the 24 hour CVS, which has a kids/toys section?
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I 2nd the above suggestions - try kid stores instead of sport stores. Also, if you call around, refer to them as kickballs or playground balls; "dodgeball" is not popular these days.
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