Does this feature exist in Firefox 2?
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Does this feature exist in Firefox 2?

Did the Mozilla folks remove the feature in Firefox 2 that was in 1.5 where you could input a word or phrase, such as "beans baxter," and it would search google for an appropriate page? I really miss that feature and want it back.
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Why do you think it has been removed? Did you try it and find that it didn't work?

I input that phrase in my address field and pressed "return" and I got to this page.

Of course there's always the dedicated search field as well, where you can choose from a number of search engines.
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There are two ways to search Google in Firefox. You can type your search into the address box (where the URL normally appears), or you can use the search box in the toolbar.

The search box hasn't changed much in Firefox 2, but it looks slightly different. You can see a picture of it here. If your search box is missing for some reason, right-click on an empty area of the Firefox toolbar and choose "Customize..." You can drag and drop to add the search box to the toolbar.

Keywords in the address bar have changed slightly. Firefox 2.0 uses Google's browse by name feature, which jumps straight to the top result for certain searches. You can change it back to do a normal Google search instead.
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Surely there are three ways - the two you mention and the one where you right-click the word or phrase you want to seach for and click "search web for..." Don't tell me thats not in Firefox 2.0
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The select and right-click behaviour has changed. It now uses the currrent search tool in the search box, and the context menu offers 'Search XXX for "your selection", where XXX is that tool. I find that a retrogtrade step, as I used to like having IMDB as the selected search tool, yet the right-click method defaulted to google.
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Response by poster: i meant in the URI bar. trying the suggestion mbrubeck made regarding changing it back.
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Response by poster: hrm. added user.js in my profile folder, even changed keyword.URL in about:config and still am getting "The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded." Any ideas?
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I typed "search from location bar" in my location(URL) bar and got a page of helpful Google results.
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Are you at work? The URL search feature doesn't work for me when I try it at work because it's blocked by the proxy server.
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If that doesn't work, start firefox with the profile switch(directions vary by OS) and try it in that fresh profile. If it works there, you've done something to mess it up, either by modifying something in prefs.js or installing an extension that messed it up.
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Response by poster: I think the problem may have been with one of my extensions (I don't use many). Got the URI bar feature to work after I pretty much disabled them all.
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Response by poster: that would be Tabbrowser Preferences 1.3.1. heh
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yeah the tab extensions (add-ons? WTF?) are notorious for breaking everything.
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(add-ons? WTF?)

Add-ons = extensions + themes. The tab extensions are still extensions.
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Awesome. I was having the exact same problem and disabling "Tabbrowser Preferences" fixed it. Thanks!
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