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[ubuntu filter] I have an old school tablet pc with no floppy drive, cd drive or usb support (due to a dud windows 98 installation). I'd like to move to ubuntu. I have a separate drive in a USB enclosure I'd like to use. How can I get everything I need for ubuntu on to the external drive, then move this drive into the tablet PC to complete the installation? I don't want to boot from USB or anything, I just want to physically replace the drive in the tablet.

I'm sure I've read about this, but now I'm about to take the plunge I can't find enough info to reassure me on the process. Unfortunately most processes I've since read require a secondary input (e.g. floppy, cd rom or USB).

For the record, the system does have USB support, but the security on the existing windows install prevents me from installing ANY driver I download. I've got to move to something else to make the computer useful.

Oh, it's also a 1998 Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet. So this is for fun rather than function.
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Did you post this question?
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1. Swap the drive in your tablet PC out.
2. Find an external USB cd/dvd drive, or even make your own with an enclosure.
3. Boot from a Ubuntu CD in the external USB drive and install.
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On further reading, I guess not. Seems a few people are in your position, and one guy in that thread said he was able to install Ubuntu on the tablet's hard drive by attaching it to another computer, then using it to boot the tablet.

It'll take a bit of doing to get a nice desktop running, but you can,
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Thanks Science, nice find.

Mphuie - can't do that due to lack of USB support.
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Have you considered Instlux? You should be able to install quite simply. That was the only way I was able to get Ubuntu on my home computer (no working CD drive).

Good luck!
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Um, a Windows 98 installation won't affect your USB ports while your computer is booting up. Unless you physically fried them.

If your BIOS supports USB booting, you can boot the Ubuntu installation media from an external drive.
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Sorry mphuie, good point. The USB ports themselves are fine, just no driver. I missed what you originally meant.

Thanks for the advice TrueVox - I'll look into that also

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