Good take-out/delivery in Chicago?
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Good Chicago take-out/delivery (particularly near the west loop)?

We recently moved to Chicago and live in the west loop. There's a lot of good restaurants near us on Randolph, but we've been unsuccessful in finding good standard delivery food -- particularly Thai and Chinese, but other things would also be good. What are the good take-out/delivery places near us?
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greektown gyros
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Welcome to Chicago! Unfortunately, I don't know that area. However, if you want to grab a beer or burger sometime, let me know.
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Not sure if they deliver out by you, but when I lived in Streeterville, I lived on India Garden, especially the Murgh Makhani. Fantastic stuff.
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We're not in you're hood, but my co-worker and I have had good luck finding places via Grub Hub (which lists places in Chicago that do delivery/takeout, and allows users to review them as well) and then x-referencing the places over at LTH Forum to get further reviews.
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I second LTH Forum. Excellent excellent site.
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Check out Dining In or CEO Deliveries. Between the two of them, they deliver most Chicago restaurants. You can search their sites on location or cuisine.

I work in the near south/west loop, and we just use one of those two services when we want Chinese or Thai food. Two good restaurants, one Thai and one Chinese, recently went out of business in that area, so that limited your options a bit.

I live in River North and I most often order Chinese food from Yu Choy. While I wouldn't say they're particularly great, it meets my cravings. They do deliver to certain areas in the West Loop.

You also may want to check out metromix for your restaurant needs. When I'm going to a new neighborhood or a new place, I always check it out there first. Additionally, since you live in the West Loop, Lunch in the Loop might also help a bit (though most of their recommendations only go as far west as the river).
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I'm at Jefferson & Fulton.

We order from Aroma sometimes, which is very good. Still haven't found a great Chinese takeout place, but I do drive down to Chinatown ... doesn't take too long to get to Cermak via Halsted.
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Sorry -- Should have said, Aroma is Thai.
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Sushi-X is a decent sushi delivery place. Not the best sushi you've ever had, but quite good for delivery.

I used to get Hi Ricky a lot, but then it closed and turned into Aroma (with the other locations turning into Zen Noodles, I believe). I only ate there a few times before I left, but it was definitely decent.

Jubilee Juice is not exactly "standard delivery fare," but I loved the place. Excellent sandwiches and smoothies.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I used to get my Chinese delivered from Jim Ching. It's very much bad American-Chinese, but I loved it for some reason.

Also, the best thin-crust pizza in the entire world is in downtown Chicago and will deliver to the West Loop: Pat's Pizzeria. Their pepperoni pizza is absolutely amazing.

And, let us not forget, Potbelly delivers.
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Pfafflin has the answer.
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