How to redirect RSS feeds to a new location?
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I have a Moveable Type weblog. I would like to redirect the feeds. This probably involves using .htaccess and mod_rewrite. My mind has grown weary after two hours of trying to get this to work. Can anyone offer advice?

This weblog has feeds located at:

I would like all of these feeds to be redirected to:

I am not well-versed in regular expressions. I've looked at the Apache docs, and have looked at an .htaccess file that does similar things for WordPress, but I'm stumped.
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Regular expressions are probably making it more complex than you need to.

For every redirect do this in your .htaccess file:

Redirect permanent /foo

You might need to put the RewriteEngine on declaration above the redirects in your .htaccess depending on the host.
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Well I'll be damned.
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Here is how to do it from Feedburner (same as pedantic's, mostly)
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Thanks, Matt. I'd found that in the FAQ in their forums, but it was followed by all of the mod-rewrite stuff, and so I skipped over it. I made it needlessly complicated. It's all working now, which makes me happy. (As long as ORblogs is still picking up the feed. I haven't checked that yet.)
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