"The Devil Wears Poorly Designed Research Databases"
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What databases might I try to get to high-end fashion magazines, specifically, one of the European Vogues (e.g. French Vogue, Purple Magazine)? ProQuest only has American Vogue. Is it possible to buy any PDF format?

I have access to most databases and if there is a really esoteric one catering to the fashion industry I'd be willing to pay for it. If not is there a site that would sell PDF editions or would the publishers themselves provide them upon request?

I have access to college and city libraries, the librarians did not know of any databases that would carry any (though I found American Vogue on the ProQuest database). I went through as many databases as I could that looked like they might be relevant but came up empty handed (though I very possibly could have searched incorrectly).
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British Vogue is available via Information Express.

French and Italian Vogue: Information Express and Infotrieve.

I found these via Ulrich's Periodicals Directory online. The libraries you mentioned may have access to it or know how to gain access.
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Exactly what I wanted, thanks!
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