Windows iTunes accessing MP3s on Mac
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(MacWinFilter) - How do I access a Mac OS/X Server share from Windows XP using AFP (iTunes)?

A few years ago, I setup a server to host a series of MP3 files on a Mac OS/X machine. I've since left the organization where the machine still sits. My access options are SFTP or AFP. I just want to be able to stream these into iTunes like any normal Mac user....not download these huge files just to listen to them.

I have Bonjour for Windows but I can't tell if I need to install some sort of AppleTalk or AFP binary/plugin. Do I just create a WebDAV-like Web folder? I already tried afp:// in Windows / Explorer. Am I missing something very simple?


N.B. Please no "switch to Mac" arguments. I would have a long time ago if that were an option. ;)
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Windows XP won't speak either of those natively. What you want is something that'll let you mount AFP volumes on Windows. However, as it's on a Mac OS X server, are you sure you can't use SMB? Activating "file sharing" on Mac OS X activates both AFP and SMB.
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I wrote instructions here on how to set up Windows file sharing on OS X and connect from a Windows workstation. Share and enjoy.
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Since it sounds like bkdelong doesn't have access to the server anymore, it doesn't sound like server-side options are going to help.

I think once upon a time Apple provided an AppleShare client for windows, but 1) I don't know where to find it, 2)I don't know if it works with XP and 3) I don't know if it works over IP. It's worth doing some digging though.
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Response by poster: I believe when I had SMB up before it was a HUGE memory suck. Maybe I'm reaching too far - but I'm not sure I could get the same streaming. Sucks that I can't get a connection via Bonjour.
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Bonjour only helps when you're on the same LAN segment, and it's only for finding services on the network, not for connecting to them. So it wouldn't do much in this case anyway.
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Uh, are you even on the same network? Separated by firewalls? How close to this machine are you? Important things to know!
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If sftp works you can use the (commercial) program SftpDrive to mount a directory in windows. A bit slow sometimes, but good enough for listening to MP3s (I use it for exactly that - listening to my music stored at home when at work.)
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