In search of a good mellow yoga class/instructor in Seattle...
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In search of a good mellow yoga class/instructor in Seattle...

Looking for a reputable yoga teacher around Capitol Hill... girlfriend can't handle the aggressive yoga (joint issues), and we are both looking for a more meditative environment than we've been exposed to previously. Any non-bikram recommendations are much appreciated!
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I'm a yoga instructor - but all of my classes are in North Seattle. I went to teacher training with Jordan - who teaches at Santosha yoga in the Madison Valley area. We were trained in a gentle adaptive form of yoga called "viniyoga". Google for the style if interested.
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Seattle Yoga Arts has a good gentle class, and is on 15th in Capitol Hill (near Group Health). It's Anusara style, which can be fairly intense in a regular class, but is not during the gentle class. I've been taking classes there for about a year and I really like all of the teachers. Also, 8 Limbs Yoga has a location in Capitol Hill and they have a large variety of classes. I've gone to a few drop-in classes there and really enjoyed it.
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Della, are you teaching at that place in Greenwood? I picked up some of their flyers a while ago. [Sorry to post to the thread; she didn't have her email address in profile.]
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