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What's your favorite place to look for bargains on the web, and/or free stuff?
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for computer stuff, you can't beat pricewatch.
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Careful with those. I've bought things I really didn't need, because the price was just so damned good.
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Craigslist "Free Stuff" (if there's a craigslist near you). I've got an url-minder set up to email me when there's a change in a page that queries for a free piano. I'm going to get that free piano.

Also, Anandtech Hot Deals. And for coupon codes to many, many, online stores, NaughtyCodes.
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Also, dealmac and dealnews.
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In addition to those mentioned above, there's also And, which is a slightly different affair.

Also KingDeal, which I actually haven't checked in a while.
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For games, CheapAssGamer is pretty good.
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A newgroup called Annexcafe.Freebies is another source. Posting can be sporadic, but there's some fun stuff to be had.

(Sorry there's not a direct link, don't know how to link to a NG.)
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Canucks should go to Red Flag Deals.
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I use a lot. used to be decent but sucks now. I think it became, owned by someone or other.
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An aside: That annexcafe group mentioned seems to be a private group on a private server, not a Usenet group. Google Newsgroups has never heard of it, but there does seem to be a NNTP server.

In any case, a lot of these deal sites seem to be predicated on rebates. Unfortunately, in my experience, nobody ever sends the rebate checks. There are several rebates I have been waiting years to receive. If you're looking for actual deals, as opposed to hypothetical deals, make sure you're shopping around for discouts rather than rebates.

I second pricewatch for computer hardware. It truly is unbeatable. For games, I liked but it seems to have gone away since the last time I checked it.
posted by majick at 1:02 PM on January 27, 2004 is good for, um, closeout books. You can't go there expecting to find a particular book, but if you browse and search for authors you like you'll often stumble across some nice finds.
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I like Overstock.
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For DVDs, you can't beat DVD Price Search. You can compare prices for multiple items at many online stores, and it'll compute the lowest price, with shipping. Combine that with the DVD bargain forum at DVD Talk, and you'll always get the best price. If you buy a lot of anime, Anime On DVD is worth checking out, too. They run some great weekly specials and coupons from Right Stuf and others... sometimes as cheap as $30 for an 8 disc DVD set.
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Somewhat related - when I'm hunting for local library sales (always bargains to be found, though all the shopping is, of course, done offline).
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For Criterion DVDs I go to DVD Planet (all are 35% off MSRP). For just about anything else I check ebay first.
posted by dobbs at 3:55 PM on January 27, 2004 and and and they've got dealram and dealcoupon that I haven't checked out. I have consistently gotten the lowest prices on computer hardware, computer peripherals and printer ink from them. I also like craigslist but they don't reach out to Vermont. Local industrial materials exchange places are interesting for weird stuff and industrial stuff cheap. VBMEX is my local site. I'm also partial to for comparing book prices.
posted by jessamyn at 5:08 PM on January 27, 2004 for books or movies. (They do other stuff which I haven't tried.) A price comparison site.
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I'd second Fatwallet and I do agree with duckstab that you'll probably find yourself buying more as a result of reading that site. There's a particularly hot thread about Dell computers on their Hot Deals forum that might interest anyone looking for a new PC, as well as regular analysis of bargains found in weekly ads from Staples, OfficeMax and others.

I also like the message board because there's a good section on local bricks and mortar store finds. There are a lot of women there shopping for their families, so it's a different vibe from many of the typical bargain sites.
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Great thread.
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I'm a fan of Bookpool for technical books. Their prices are discounted, usually by about 37%. They also offer a free shipping option for orders over $40 US, so if you're patient you don't have to blow the discount savings on shipping. Oh, and their website is pleasant to use.

newegg is a good place to go for computer hardware. They are more expensive than Pricewatch, but they're very pleasant to do business with. I've never had a problem returning a defective part, and I've built over a dozen computers out of parts I bought from them. I've had bad return experiences with vendors I found on Pricewatch.
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One of my favorites I forgot to post:

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