Where to sleep in NYC?
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I'm a college student, being flown up for a job interview in Manhattan this Friday. I asked the firm I'm interviewing with to schedule my return flight for Saturday morning instead of Friday night so that I can explore the city, but now I'm finding out how expensive lodging in the city is.

I'm from North Carolina and don't know anyone currently living in NY, which is fine with me because I was looking forward to walking around by myself. I don't mind my own company, and enjoy exploring new places alone and meeting new people. I'm looking for suggestions for a place to sleep for a few hours Friday night. Here are my sole requirements: safe, reasonably clean, and most importantly cheap. I'm just going to be sleeping for a few hours and heading out, so all that is essential is a mattress and a roof. I saw the Gershwin Hotel suggested on a previous thread for $40/night which is within my budget, but there are no rooms available for this Friday. I'm going to be stretched for money as it is, so heavy emphasis on cheap. My interview is in the financial district but I'm not deadset on staying in that area afterwards, so recommendations for anywhere in south/central Manhattan are fine. Thanks!
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I've stayed in the past at the Jazz Hostels. I stayed at Jazz on the Park and Jazz on the Town and can reccommend both, and now it looks like they've opened a million more locations. I heard a rumor you need a passport to stay in hostels now; I don't know if that's true of not, but I'm sure if you call they'll tell you.
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Check craigslist. I've used it to rent rooms from private individuals in NYC.
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This is NYC. There is no need to sleep. Stay out all night exploring then take a cab to the airport at like 4 or 5am and sleep in the terminal.
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There's another hostel that's been recommended elsewhere on AskMe, around 86th street maybe, on the upper west side, where a friend and his sister go whenever visiting New York. It's a safe neighborhood and cheap. I don't think they needed or even had passports to use it (this was during summer 2006 and 2005).

You really don't want to stay near your interview - it's dead quiet at night and a much more expensive area to stay in. The subway's only $2, and if it isn't yet too cold for you, you can totally walk home.
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As spicynuts says, there is no need to sleep. If you can stay awake, there are plenty of fun, safe things to do overnight. There are tons of bars and clubs (including wonderful piano bars that stay open (and relatively crowded) until 4, and there are lots of 24-hour diners and restaurants. If you stay somewhere until 4 and then grab a slow bite to eat, you can then people-watch for the early morning or go and get in the Today show outdoor crowd if you're interested.
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Also, if you are under 21 or avoiding clubs and bars, you could catch a late (i.e. 12:45 a.m.) movie instead. These can be surprisingly crowded (and fun).
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Whitehouse Hotel (hostel/flophouse). I stayed there one night back before I moved to NYC. It was weird and wonderful. (And under $30).
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Sleeping in the airport isn't bad if it's just one night--the trick is finding a secluded place and traveling lightly enough that you can use your luggage as a pillow (ensuring it won't get stolen). Pack incredibly lightly so you won't get stuck lugging a heavy bag all around town to the museums & midnight movies, etc.
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Seafarers & International House located just east of Union Square and south of Gramercy Park.


My brother stayed there a couple of times (and he's not a seafarer). Said it's cheap and relatively clean. His only problem with them was that they charged an extra day after they said they wouldn't. Not sure if it was a miscommunication but he had to call them a couple of times to clear things up. In the end they credit him the amount.
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The "stay up all night" approach is pretty good. I suggest packing as light as possible, mailing your suit (and any toiletries) back to yourself after the interview, and hitting the town with no luggage. The last fucking thing you want to worry about in a strange city is your luggage. You can always buy a toothbrush and deodorant in New York.

The alternative, if you want to be a square about it, would be to book your return flight out of Newark, use the PATH train, and spend $130 to stay at the Newark Penn Station Hilton.

Also, you don't happen to be interviewing with a little boutique in the south part of the financial district, do you?
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I second Jazz on the Park. I stayed there in April 2005 in a private room/shared bath for about $65. A shared room would obviously be cheaper. It's adequate (but not much more) if you need something cheap.

When you call, ask to stay in the main building if you want to meet other hostel stayers. That was my main disappointment--my room was in a building about two blocks away from the main hostel so there was a lack of that hostel community vibe.
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Global Freeloaders or Couchsurfing.com.
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The Westside YMCA is relatively cheap if you can get in. We used it for temporary lodging once upon a time.
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you only live once... seriously. what are you going to remember more? that time you flew up to nyc for an interview and (a) crashed on someone's couch/stayed out all night/etc. or (b) flew home early

+1 to couchsurfing.com
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