How can I stop my eye twitching??
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How can I stop my eye twitching??

It is most likely because I'm over-tired, and there isn't anything to remedy that (except obviously more sleep, but that won't happen, I'm getting as much as I can already). However.

My left eye keeps twitching slightly just below the bottom eyelid, it's been happening every day/every other day for about two weeks and is severely irritating, particularly because I work full time at a computer, and it's interfering with being able to look at the monitor for long periods of time, plus I feel like a lunatic when its happening when I'm talking to someone, even though it's not actually noticeable.

Any suggestions/magic spells/preventions would be great.
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I also do full-time computer work, had a similar problem, and went to the eye doctor about it. Prescription: relax. Take breaks from staring at the monitor, look at things you don't have to focus so much on. Perhaps use one of those keyboard break programs and use it as a monitor break program instead.
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Previously. Lay off the alcohol and caffeine. Sleep.
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Somebody mentioned potassium in a thread a while back as a preventative for muscle twitches. So maybe eating bananas might have a positive effect.
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I agree with Gordion Knott. I used to get muscle twitches all the time from stress and the only thing short of muscle relaxers (bad idea!) was taking potassium suppliments or eating bananas. Good luck, it's awful.
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I get the same thing from time to time. Breathe deeply and get some sleep. I'm serious about that second suggestion.
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I get these too from time to time, usually if I've been working too long, but sometimes for no good reason at all. The only thing that really works is time.
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I previously asked this. I started eating a banana every day, and it hasn't been a problem recently.. no evidence the two things are connected though.
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I've read it's related to needing more Vitamin B complex. Take a tablet at each meal for a few days. IANAD
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I seem to recall that stress, lack of sleep, and overdosing on caffeine were the main causes. Back when I was having eye twitch problems, I was guilty of all three; getting some sleep and avoiding some stress helped a lot. (Still a caffeine addict, though.)
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I've had a twitching eye for the past 3 weeks and I keep telling myself to eat a banana to make it stop, because it's worked for me in the past. I just HATE bananas. Maybe I'll get me some potassium supplements as has been suggested here.
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I second ikkyu2 in laying off caffeine. Worked for me.
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I went through this issue as well, but I never thought of laying off caffeine. Instead I boosted my vitamin intake, and actually wore a patch over the infected eye. Looked a bit foolish, but it cleared the issue up in about three days.
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My mom's twitch got so bad she went to a neurosurgeon who, after ruling out a tumor, put her on gabapentin. If it keeps up, hie you hence to the doctor.
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My eye twitch is usually triggered by stress. Try some of your favorite stress reduction techniques. These might include less caffeine, more sleep, and more vitamins.
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If you do the above standard suggestions (sleep, avoid caffeine, etc.) and it doesn't resolve, you should see a doctor.

My sister-in-law had a similar problem and it turned out to be a nerve in the back of her head that was pressed up against something else, and she needed surgery to correct it.

It wasn't life threatening, just really annoying and worth fixing.
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I had this when applying to law school when it was by no means guaranteed I would get in anywhere. The day I found I got in, it stopped. Stress is pretty powerful, go out of your way to do relaxing things if you can't eliminate the stressful "thing" from your life. Take a bath with aromatherapy crap and equally un-masculine stuff.
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Though you don't have to listen to Kenny G while you sigh and slid your head into the bath as you blow bubbles. Unless that's your thing.
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Crazy. I get twitches all the time, and stand guilty as charged with regard to sleep, booze, caff, and stress.


Ages before booze and caff, at least, could contribute, I read that establishing conscious control over the muscle twitch can also resolve them, and that's true.

Mine were primarily eyelid twitches, and to this day I can summon and dismiss the twitch. I found that once I could make my eyelid do that little wag, if it ever started up on its' own, simply doing it voluntarily a couple of times was enough to make it stop.
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Magnesium supplementation can help benign twitches also.
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