unfortunately, the bananacoat never caught on in the same way...
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LocalShopppingFilter. I'd really like to buy a peacoat style jacket and I'm wondering the best place to buy it from, internet or local. I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Budget is up to 200 Canadian dollars, roughly, including shipping. The catch is I'd like to buy it in the next couple of weeks, so waiting for a sale somewhere isn't too much of an option. So far, I like this one at karmaloop.com.

I'd like this to be my primary fall/not-extreme-cold winter coat for the next couple of years and I'd like it to look reasonably stylish. I'm about 6 ft, 190 lbs if that's relevant.
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Your local army/navy store will have a variety high quality pea-coats.
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I was just ordering Christmas gifts and I saw some beautiful peacoats at

I don't know if I did the link correctly, my first time trying :) If the link doesn't work, the site is Overstock.com, search Peacoat, they have a nice selection. They also have $2.95 shipping this week, I have bought from them before and was very pleased.
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I was just ordering Christmas gifts and I saw some beautiful peacoats at

Very po-mo.
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Response by poster: whoops - I should mention I'm a guy as well.
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I live in Calgary and I just I bought a wonderful red peacoat on sale for $200 from Lauras. They also had it in black.
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whoops disregard my last comment since you're a guy :P
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I bought a US Navy issue peacoat (this style) on eBay for about US$40. The cut might be a little boxy compared to 'fashion' coats, but I think the boxiness is bound up with the style unless you buy something that's in a lighter fabric (such as the cashmere ones at Overstock) or cut in a little at the waist. To my mind, though, the standard issue version is a tough act to beat. (Those Navy suppliers also do an eight-button version in 32oz wool, which is closer in style to the pre-WW2 standard issue coat.)
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I got a nice peacoat from the L.L. Bean catalog a few years back, still use it. Maybe take a look at their website?
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Best answer: Has H&M come to Vancouver yet? It's not appearing on their website but it might not be up to date. Their stores in Toronto have a variety of stylish pea coats for men that start at $150.

Zara has lots, too, that'd be worth checking out as they have stylish stuff.

This time of year the big department stores like Sears and the Bay have lots of 30 and 40% off sales on winter coats (best time for sales at these stores: Friday/Sat/Sun/Monday). The Eaton Centre Sears has some nice pea coats by "4 You Clothing".

In case it's not obvious - I'm in the market for one right now too.
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Best answer: Last fall Vancouver's Costco had some amazing peacoats just like that for $80.. stacks of them in navy and black. I don't know if they plan on a repeat, as they work on a "what we ordered is what we have" basis. but a call or visit to costco on Grandview or in Richmond is definitly in order to see if they did a repeat. Their website does not have seasonal/clothing items like this.
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