Why is my stomach so bizarre?
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My stomach/throat has, for as long as I can remember, made INCREDIBLY loud (and sometimes very bizarre and unnatural) noises--sometimes after I've eaten, but usually many many hours later. I used to associate it with hunger before realizing it seems to be completely unrelated. It's clearly just digestion, but people can hear it from across the room, and they think I do it on purpose because it's so strange. Is there any reason why some people's stomachs/digestive tracts would be so much louder than "the norm", and why they might make noises like these (screeching, shrieking, humming) in addition to more normal sound? I've never met anyone else who knew what I was talking about. It literally sounds and feels like there is a small person shrieking or humming "Om" deep in my throat! WTF?
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my stomach makes all kinds of noises all the time. Sometimes they are very loud. I have had my throat make bizzare noises on occasion. I have no idea how to describe it. maybe like a growl? the "om" is a pretty good description. it is very much not normal.
I am sorry I am of no help. Just wanted to chime in to say you are not alone.
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What you describe is sometimes a sympton of GERD -- of which I -- and others in my family suffer.
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Borborygmi (low-pitched gut rumbles from gas movement due to peristalsis), succussion splash (sloshing sounds due to fluid in the stomach), metallic "tinkling" sounds (often due to air/fluid tension from an obstruction), rushes, & gurgling are all a within the range of "normal" gut noises. If you've got no other attendant problems, don't sweat being a intestinal boom box.

Your body is an odd instrument--we're all built differently, so sounds can resonate in peculiar ways and at different volumes. I've experienced that weird esophagus gurgle noise, too. Though it's loud and strange-sounding, hey, at least you didn't just fart.
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My stomach (but not my throat) used to make such loud noises that they could be heard across the room - I guess it was boborygmi based on neda's comment. Anyway, it was very embarassing. I used to dread sitting in quiet offices with other people, attending meetings, etc. Sometimes the sounds did resemble farts. For me what helped was cutting out coffee and cutting way down on wheat.
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I used to have this every day-- a deep humming throat sound and really loud stomach growls/burbles/noises unrelated to hunger.

This is not what you asked, but I found a lot of help in eating more frequent, smaller meals and cutting out carbonated beverages.
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