dark chocolate gift ideas
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A special lady in my life has an insatiable lust for all things dark chocolate. What outrageous dark chocolate related present can I get for her?

If Hershey's 5lb Milk Chocolate bar came in dark, I'd get that. Crazy suggestions are welcome. Also she's far away, so I can't, for example, pump chocolate through her window with a concrete truck.
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I can't give you tips on outrageous, but as a dark chocolate fan myself I highly recommend anything dark chocolate and cherry. (Unless you know she doesn't like cherry.)
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You could get an assortment of dark chocolate from all over (My favorites are Dolfin and Dagoba), and share them with her with some red wine.

You could go to Belgium and go on a chocolate tour.

BTW: I was in Italy recently, and saw something in the window of a chocolate shop in Lucca that blew my mind. A bucket of rusty old tools, that on closer inspection turned out to be made of dark chocolate with chocolate dust on them to make them look rusty. Awesome.
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The most amazing biscuit in the entire world is the Dark Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Biscuit from fancy English retailer Fortnum and Mason. It comes in a tall maroon and gold tin. Available online at www.fortnumandmason.co.uk or at the department store. I will not say anymore, because once you have tasted this dark chocolate biscuit, you will understand. Your special lady will be yours forever.
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I saw these recently on the luxist.

..and, as an idea from looking at one of their packages, you could create a 'Dia de los Muertos' package.. skulls, bones, and wooden figurines mixed among the chocolates..
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Get her some Valrhona chocolate in varying strengths. There is no chocolate that can compare. If you have a World Market or a Whole Foods near you they should carry it there.
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Some truffles from Vosges should make her very happy.
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As a fellow dark chocolate lover...

Vosges chocolates has some delicious truffles made with exotic spices for a special treat. They have a 9 piece dark chocolate box for $25. I highly recommend them!


Get her a "subscription" for dark chocolate. The idea is that she would get some chocolate delivered to her once a month. The website 70% offers subscriptions for the UK, but I'm sure other places offer similar things in the US.
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Lillie Belle Farms makes some outrageous artisanal chocolates, some with dark coatings (the strawberry balsamic is one, and it is a GOOD one).

The lavender fleur de sel caramel, unfortunately, is milk-coated. Get that one for yourself, maybe.
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How about some raw cacao nibs (or maybe 100% chocolate bar)? Food of the gods, and all that.
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dark chocolate ginger? My sweety bought me some recently and it is yummy.
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Domori is a small Italian company that makes amazing chocolates. The guy who runs it writes loving Italian poetry about his chocolates -- seriously, it's all romance. Seriously, check out their website. Try any gourmet/foodie store for their products.

Another option is a mixed set of however many little chocolates you can afford from your local chocolatier, if you live in a big city.
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This is more cute than over-the-top, but she may find chocolate mice and penguins charming.

A quick Google shows Godiva has a dark chocolate lover's gift basket.
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chocolate body paint along with other chocolate related activities.
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Best answer: This stuff openly claims to be the best in the world, with matching extravagent packaging, a little leaflet explaining how and why they can make their claim, and so forth. It makes a great gift.
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Go to the Whole Foods in your area. They usually have a good selection of chocolate like the kinds described above. Ask someone knowledgable about it. They will be able to guide you. Of course, its critical that you get chocolate that you find tasty as well. Certain gifts can be more rewarding to give.
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How about ... Chocolate Dieties.com
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Christopher Elbow chocolates are like a mini chocolate orgasm.
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Make her truffles out of some nice 60-70% chocolate. They are really easy -- chocolate and cream, that's it. Find a ganache recipe, and add a personal touch like adding flavor extract as the ganache is cooling (like orange, mint, lavender, etc.) or rolling them in crushed bits of her favorite cookies, or sweetended espresso powder or whatever. They seem way more impressive than the meager amount of work would indicate, and making something is better than buying it. Even if they turn out crappy (they won't) you will get bonus points for effort.
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This dark chocolate covered in edible gold leaf by xocoa was pretty impressive, but I have a sinking feeling that you can't get it anymore...
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I once had chilli chocolate. It was unbelievably yummy dark chocolate, with an after kick that was absolutely awesome in my [dark chocolate/chilli loving] books.
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Also, FYI, the best tasting chocolate is supposed to melt at 37C. Yumm.
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When MeFi's own Jacquilynne got a new job and wanted to celebrate it, she threw a chocolate-making party - basically, she booked a group lesson at a chocolatier. We made chocolate bowls and filled them with truffles and chocolate-dipped strawberries and not incidentally had a terrific time. Your wife might enjoy doing this, either just with you or with several friends as a birthday or "just because" party.
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Big Jim Slade?
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La Maison du Chocolat! They can ship all over the world--I've linked to the US website. Depending how much you want to spend, you can go for just a few treats or the more extravagant Coffret Maison dark only.
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There are some great suggestions already, but nobody's mentioned one of my favorites, Burdick's.
Dark chocolate mice are adorable and delicious.
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Ok now I am going to go and try all those. I thought Lindt makes a good one, I like the Lindt 85% dark. I also like Chocolate Santander 80%.

I found another one that has 88% (Hachez), but I haven't tried it yet.
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Just because it hasn't been metioned yet: Don't get Hersheys.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll pick one of them and I'm sure she'll enjoy it. Thanks!
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Or you could make her the flourless chocolate cake from The Cake Bible. It's been quite a hit with the dark chocolate lovers I know, particularly when made with good chocolate, like Callebaut or Lindt.

If you ask nicely, and are competent in the kitchen, I will type up the recipe for you. (Crystal DOT Palate AT gmail)
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