How to dress at a Mexican wedding?
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Going to a nighttime wedding in Mexico -- what do we wear?

Our American friend is marrying a Mexican woman in Monterrey. It's safe to bet the ceremony will be Catholic. So, what do I and my husband wear? Can either of us wear black? Anything else we should know?
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I went to an evening wedding in Monterrey. It was *very* formal. I wore a black cocktail dress.
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Appropriate wedding attire usually depends more on the couple than on the location. Unless the word "formal" is printed somewhere on the invitation packet, your friend has probably heard the same question from other guests. No harm in asking.
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Best answer: I just called my wife to ask, I don't know how to translate many garment names, I'll have to paraphrase her answer.

A night wedding in Monterrey is as fancy as it gets in Mexico. Unless you are told otherwise in the invitation, it is VERY formal.

For a woman, cocktail dress is expected. Black is OK. If your dress shows shoulders and back, you must wear some cover during the religious ceremony. You MUST wear nice accesories, not too many.

For a man, a black or very dark suit is OK, not a frac. I hate wearing stiff necked shirts and ties, but they are a requirement in night weddings, in day weddings a top quality guayabera is what I use.

I don't know if this applies in the USA, but in Mexico, a guest should NEVER wear white, ivory or similar colors. You will upset the bride, her family, her friends and even the waiters will ignore you. (A friend of my wife learned this in my wedding)

And talking of waiters, a $20 dollar tip as soon as your waiter introduces himself will do wonders for the quality of your drinks and service.

And lastly, if the wedding is any good, expect to dance A LOT. In the last few weddings I have attended, the band has provided disposable slippers to women, but I don't know if that is fashionable in Monterrey. Bring extra pair of shoes.
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I'll third the very formal. We went to an early evening wedding in Monterrey that was tuxes & cocktail dresses. The reception lasted all night (until 5 or 6am).

I would ask, but as far as I know, your husband should expect to wear tux, or a very nice dark suit.
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Response by poster: All the groom could tell us was "fancy." Thanks everyone!
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