Cash Cab Tipper?
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Do (can?) people tip Ben Bailey, the driver of the Cash Cab?

Looking for answers from people who have been on the show (or some other authoritative source), not just personal opinions. Thanks.
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I heard an interview with Ben Bailey on the Ron and Fez show, and I believe he claimed that people do try to tip him, but he doesn't accept tips from contestants.
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Why doncha email Discovery and ask?
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I'd think tips would set the show up for a payola or quiz show scandal.
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I used to wish I had time to hang around Manhattan looking for the Cash Cab, but I quickly realized the logistics of feasibly trying to hail that cab and only that cab were just too astronomical for one person.

I then thought about analyzing all the pickup locations and approximate times of day for each episode and deriving a plan but they just seem to vary far too much.

Then I thought about just looking out for only a Cash Cab van with that exact license identification number (1G12) being trailed by a white van (production crew!). But I quickly realized this would be pretty difficult. There are just too many places in Manhattan to cover.

But....what if a group of Mefites banded together to go on a Cash Cab hunt, using cell phones and strategically-placed operatives to tack the Cash Cab. An operative could probably place themselves in the correct place to get picked up by the Cash Cab.

Maybe this should be the next Improv Everywhere mission...
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Not exactly the question you asked, but I have some semi-related experience. There is a cab sponsored by HSBC bank in Manhattan which is free for any HSBC customer... you just show Jimmy the driver your bank card. My boyfriend tried to tip him, and he refused. Since he is not a medallioned cab, HSBC had to work out a special arrangement with the taxi commission. Part of that arrangement is that Jimmy is payed a flat salary and may not accept tips. I imagine the Cash Cab is in a similar situation.
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Hmm, this question is still open.

Strangely enough, on the episode we were watching tonight, someone asked him if they can tip him. He sounded slightly surprised and said, "Well, if you want...." in a way that was clearly a "No, thanks."
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