Spell-checking 100's of html and rhtml docs?
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Spell-checking 100's of html / rhtml docs?

Searching for a program that will allow me to check for spelling errors in multiple rhtml files at once.

Alternatively, an online service that scours a list of urls for spelling errors.

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Try running them through ispell or aspell with their command line options. Since you know ruby it should be easy enough to tie them all together.

Just do a Dir[**] to get all the files under where you are, do a .each on them, and run each one through the spell checker. You might have to preprocess out the < % %> tags before you run the spell check though.

The other option if you have a working site is to spider the site, and check the generated html. You just need to be careful to catch all the variations of options since you can't test all the if/else branches at once in that way.
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spidering a website looking for errors seems like a neat idea... but then actually correcting the errors would be a huge pain. You would have the mistakes in a browser, and then have to fix them in a text editor.

So... why not do it all in one window, and use an HTML/text editor that underlines spelling mistakes? e.g. TextMate (OS X) but i'm sure there are loads of others.
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You might have to preprocess out the < % % > tags before you run the spell check though.

aspell has options that let you ignore the contents of certain HTML tags.
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