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Footfilter: Stylish sneakers with good support?

I'm trying to find a sneaker that has both style and support. I typically wear New Balance 574's, but they feel pancake flat after a month... my legs kill after a day on my feet. I own a great pair of athletic sneakers but they aren't appropriate for day-to-day.

Thanks for any suggestions, AskMeFi!
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Where do you live, cgs? I buy all my cool comfy shoes at Fleet Feet in DC.
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i live in nyc, so there are plenty of stores. but most of them sell designer sneakers, which are even worse than NB in terms of support.
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I suggest Asics. I've had good luck with those. You also might want to look for 'motion control' shoes. It's hard to explain without a picture, but they're more built up in the arch area (the 574's are not built up).

Also, if you could go to a running specialty store, they'd be able to work with you more about the best shoe for your needs.
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It would probably help if you found out what type of foot you had. There's a good guide to how to do so here. Honestly, if you have problems with NBs as it is, you're going to have trouble getting too stylish. Consider insoles.
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This might be more on the athletic tip but I'm a big fan of Salomon footwear, especially the XA range. So damn comfortable to wear...
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I like Brooks. I walk 2 1/2 miles every day on my way to and from work, and my feet have never been happier.
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With the right inserts, even Chuck Taylors can have good support.
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mendel- really? i gave up on those shoes back in college... what inserts do you recommend?
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I looooove my Onitsuka Tigers, I really think they're the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.
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(Oh, I have the Mexico 66)
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I collect sneakers, (and I even wear them!) here are my suggestions:

1) pass on the onitsuka tiger. They didn't even update the cushioning; it's a true retro shoe. If you're heavier like me (5'10", 190) these things kill the feet. dont get me wrong, they're beautiful shoes and I wear them anyway, but man, they hurt. This may be similar to your 574, which still uses lame 80's encap technology.

2) Modern New Balance running shoes are pretty good. heavy like bricks compared to asics or mizuno's, but for a lowtop, try a gray 991 or 992. great padding, look ok.

3) Nike Dunk, my shoe of choice, especially in high tops. come in literally millions of colorways, (just look at and if you need ankle support, this is really the way to go. Zoom air bubble in the heel, great cushioning.

4) Kenneth Cole reaction sneakers: a little less hip, but good cushioning, and can pass for work casual. come in billions of styles and shapes, and even better, there is always something on sale. Good Luck!
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When I want arch support inserts I usually just grab whatever looks good at the drugstore, but more often than not those are these.
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I swear by Sketchers, but I'm a new convert. I hated sneakers/tennis shoes most of my life, but these things are uber comfortable. Started out getting them for my kid, and now my Mom and I are aboth converts.

Because I'm lazy, I went with a style similar to these. They're really cushy on the inside, with a good amount of heel support- something I hadn't seen before.

The pair I'm wearing now aren't on the website, but are black suede Mary Jane-style with two straps criss-crossing over the top of my foot. They have sneaker-tread soles that are pretty inconspicuous, so I can wear them in the office, and have built-in arch support. They're my everyday shoes now, with the ones linked above when I know I'm going to be on my feet all day (think part-time job in retail over holidays!)
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