Split large amount of data into CDs
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What is the best way to split large amount of files on a DVD-R into CD-Rs.

I have 3 DVD-Rs containing 300,000 files and I need to split them up into CDs for easier access. I want to split the files into chunks of around 650 MB size, but I do not want to split the individual files. They should be self-contained CDs with a subset of the data, not requiring an index CD ala Easy CD Creator large compilation technique. What W2K utilities would anyone recommend, preferably free, to accomplish this?
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Unless I'm missing something, why don't you just copy all of the data from the DVDs to a folder on your hard drive, the burn as much as you can to a CD until you have all of the data on CDs?
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Best answer: My first instinct is that I wouldn't do this. Having many CD's would be more inconvenient than dealing with three DVD's, in my opinion.

Here is an app that can sort the files into cd sized chunks for you. Though if you're dealing with many small files, this step is not the challenge. The hard part is being able to find what you need after you've burned it all to CD.
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I want to split the files into chunks of around 650 MB size, but I do not want to split the individual files.

You want to split up the files, but you don't want to split up the files. Am I missing something?

I think the simplest solution is to rip everything to your computer and sort the files/folders in order (alphabetical, numerical, chronological, whatever). Then you can drag 650 MB chunks onto CDs, starting from the top of the list, and you can write the range of files on the disc itself. No index CD needed when you see that CD 1 has A-M and CD 2 has N-Z just by looking at them.
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phatkitten, I think he wants to separate the individual files, and compile them into groups around 650 MB in size, but not split any of the individual files into fractions of themselves. Right?
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Response by poster: utsutsu's solution is what I was looking for. Thanks for that link. I completely agree having this many CDs is a drag, but no one listens to a lowly IT guy on these matters. As well, penchant is correct, I do not want to create fractions of files to be reconstituted later.
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