Help my homemade cheese.
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I'm looking for tips to add some excitement and variety to this homemade cheese.

I made it once before and the basil kind of wilted and didn't look too nice, the sun-dried tomatoes were good. What else can I mix in? Are there better recipes? I'm going to make this next week for a Halloween pot-luck (so something gross sounding might be nice) and I'm planning on making several batches in December for holiday gifts, so 'winter' and 'holiday' suggested variations would be great, too.
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Response by poster: Also, I have seen these tips.
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Roasted Red Peppers. Jalapenos. Port Wine. Green olives. Dill. Cranberries.

Not ALL of those. One of them.
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Oh...forgot garlic.
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Whir up a can of chipotles en adobo in the blender and stir in as much of the paste as you like.

Cilantro/basil pesto.

Fresh mint, chopped and crushed.
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How about something sweet instead of savory? I think chopped apple, walnuts, and a dried fruit (cherries, sweetened cranberries) would be fabulous.
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Sweet: jams, jellies, preserves, pie filling, dried fruit, nuts.

I like the chipotle idea.
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If you want excitement, nothing beats hornets.
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Shiitake mushrooms might be good.
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