Where's the best place to skinnydip in Oahu?
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Where's the best place to skinnydip in Oahu?

I want to be naked in the ocean when I turn 30 (in two weeks!). I will be in Honolulu, and I will have access to my friend's car. Where do I go? I've never been to Hawaii, and the travel guides seem to omit this information.
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Get thee a flight to another of the islands. You can be like a high school kid and do it at night on a semi-isolated beach almost anywhere, but Oahu is way too fucking crowded.

If you really want to do it in Oahu, just take your shorts off when you're in the water at a place with no snorklers around. Who'll know?
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I did it in the middle of the night, just a short walk away from a load of hotels. It was fantastic, and we weren't seen. As far as we know, anyway.
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There was at one time a small book you could pick up at Holiday Mart (now Dai'ei, I think) called Hawai'i's Secret Beaches that had a "nudity" panel and half a dozen O'ahu beaches listed.

Maui's Little Beach is awfully nice for this, as noted above. O'ahu is crowded. I've had several delightful nude days on Little Beach and at Waianapanapa, near Hana. On the 'back' side of Maui (reachable for preference via 4x4, the road's made of three-inch rock gravel) there are plenty of completely empty beaches which would be fine.
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Best answer: FWIW, even though it was once voted the best beach in the U.S. (thus making it tremendously popular), my ex-girlfriend and I once had sex in the water, in broad daylight, at Kailua Beach. We went during a weekday when schools were in session, so the beach was largely deserted. If you hang out more towards the Lanikai side of Kailua beach, you'll have even more privacy.

But don't expect to frolic around conspicuously in the water completely naked, though.

There are nude beaches near the Diamond Head area of Oahu, but cannot vouch for them personally.
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