What utilities do I need to call before a move-in?
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Moving into a new place, for the first time...what do I need to do before I move in? Water, power, sewage???

So I get my keys this Friday. I know the house has electricity, water, and the gas is shut off.

So I assume I need to call my local electricity, gas, water companies to transfer stuff over into my name...but I'm lost, and don't want to forget anything here. For example, who do I pay to come pick up my trash once a week? Is there a sewage fee? Who do i call for that?

The home is in Woodland Hills, Ca...Brownie points if you can get me the phone numbers I need to call directly.

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Here are the phone numbers for phone/utilities/cable.
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Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce Utilities Info. Um, I googled Woodland Hills, CA.
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Check your lease, it should state what you utilities you pay for and what (if any) are your landlords responsibility.
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Don't forget a phone line (unless you are going phone line only). If you are renting, ask the people you are renting from. They may be able to give you a lot of good information. You may also want renters or home owners insurance.
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Ahem. I'm just sayin'.
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Buying? If so make sure you estimate your taxes for the year and sock a little away each month. Unless it's included in your mortgage payments.

Change of address form with the local post office, you can do this via the web.
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Bring with you on move-in day, in a single box that you will keep separate from the other boxes:
1. toilet paper
2. paper towels
3. a four-pack of lightbulbs and at least one small lamp that will take a bulb
4. hand-soap
5. a few garbage bags
6. a shower curtain
7. one towel per person
8. scissors and maybe a box cutter
9. a pack of sponges
10. broom and dustpan
11. toolbox
12. phone (if you'll have a landline)
13. phone book or numbers for food delivery in your area
14. if feeding moving buddies:
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Plus sleeping equipment. It's often best to set up your bed and make it as your first action in the new place; then, no matter how tired you get doing other stuff, the bed is ready to go when you drop. Or, sleeping bags can be fine for the first nights.
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