I want a cheap cellphone that can also synch with Outlook on a Verizon or Sprint plan.
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I want a cheap cellphone that can also synch with Outlook on a Verizon or Sprint plan. I don't want a camera or other bloatware. Smallest phone is best. Any suggestions?
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Problem is, "cheap" and "synch with Outlook" don't really go together. I've got a Motorola MPx200 SmartPhone. It's basically a WinCE/Smartphone device (think "ipaq without a stylus merged with a phone"), and syncs with Outlook just fine. Unfortunately, it will run you $200 or more after rebates, discounts, etc.

I like mine because its sturdy (metal casing) and has no protruding antenna.
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Check out the MPX200 price from Amazon.com. $69 after rebates.

I work on these devices daily, the MPX200 is a pretty solid (and small!) device. I reccomend it.
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Most of the phones out there will sync with outlook with no problems whatsoever... Usually, it'll mean shelling out a few extra bucks for a cable and software, though. I have one of the verizon LG phones which seems to work alright with a futuredial software. You can pick up the cable at your local radioshack, usually...
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It has a lot of bloatware, theme support, annoying MIDI ring tones, GPRS, stupid WAP browser, a POP client, a Java virual machine, and a camera, but check to see if the network providers are offering a deal on the Sony T616/610. Cingular has it as their $50-with-a-contract phone, but believe me you don't want Cingular. If you can ignore the giant heap of extra features, the phone itself is compact, sturdy and reliable, has a respectable battery life, and it ships with the necessary sync software and can use infrared or Bluetooth to do the sync, so you don't have to pony up your hard earned scratch for a special cable.
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the classic Nokia 3360 -- it's not the the grooviest phone out there (5.3 oz.) but it does an IR synch with outlook (up to 200 contacts) like you read about. No cables required (as long as you have IR out, as most notebooks do) and the software is a free download, IIRC.

Not sure how service-plan-dependent the synch ability might be. (I had cingular.)
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