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HalloweenFilter: Where in Vancouver can I find a cheap derby hat like this. -OR- how can I make one myself?

I've already tried Value Village and just about every store on Commercial Drive. I would think there are costume stores in town that would have this sort of thing but I'm new here and don't know where they are. And since I left it too late I can't order online and have it get here in time.

And if I can't find one - I am by no means a craftily inclined person but I imagine I could make a reasonable approximation with felt and maybe cardboard or something... any tips?
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I've seen cheap plastic versions in dollar stores - especially around Halloween.
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There's a hat store just past granville and broadway on the north west side, with all manner of costume and practical hats. I forget the name, but probably worth a shot..
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Amy's Loony and Toony shop on Denman, south of Robson might have one. And then there's the Dollar Store on Fraser near 49th that could have it too. There's also a loonie-toonie store at 12th and Cambie in the City Square mall, might want to look there?

There's a costume store on Robson street, between Granville and Homer on the South side of the street. They have very elaborate masks and costumes, but might have your hat there as well. Good luck!
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Jon Mitchell, the store is named "I Love Hats". (604) 739-0200. It might have something like a bowler hat, but it won't be super cheap.
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Response by poster: OK I found one - a friend told me about The Party Bazaar on 2nd between Main and Cambie. It's gigantic. It had pretty much the exact hat I linked to for $10. Also cheap plastic versions for $2 as well.

Thanks guys.
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I'm not from Vancouver, but do you know any serious theatre costume rental places there? Because when my husband needed a top hat for our wedding, he discovered that formal wear places would sell him a terrible fake looking top hat for $40, but that Malabar's (a very good theatre costume store and rental place in Toronto) would rent him one for $15. It was sturdier and looked better.
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