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How can I keep my website from getting shut down by the Feds?

I'm creating a 'information is free' website that will link to bittorrent files with complete archives of the new yorker, harpers magazine, salon, national geographic, new york review of books etc. (see previous whining about this). From what I've heard is its very hard to have this type of site without getting shut down/sued immediately. Is there any way to make it not-so easy to take down? The website itself won't be infringing, but it will link to torrent files with infringing content. Are there any foreign webhosts outside of US copyright jurisdiction that I could use to host the site?
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I've heard a lot about "The Bunker" 's security and its outside the US so shouldn't be too much of a problem. I know they host porn and such like, so it might be worth the expense for you. This might be overkill however, apologies if it is!
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1. Have it be a controlled sized, member-only community.
2. Don't allow Google to cache any of your pages (if you must, allow the front page to be cached).
3. Host it outside of the U.S.
4. Employ an invite system for new members.
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"How can I break the law and get away with it" posts aren't really supposed to appear here.
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