Relocated tooth
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After having an impacted wisdom tooth removed over three weeks ago the adjacent molar seems to have relocated because it feels like it's more elevated now and I can no longer bite down completely (there's also some sensitivity).

I'm worried that I won't be able to eat certain types of foods anymore and chew gum because of it but what would a dentist/oral surgeon/periodontist be able to do to take care of this problem?
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Two things. One, you adjust to these things after a few weeks or months, so give it a bit more time. Major dental work - crowns, veneers, extraction, whatever - does make things feel very off for a while. Two, go ahead and ask your dentist - worst case scenario, they could probably grind the molar down a bit, right?
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I'd give it awhile before doing anything about it. When I had my last wisdom tooth removed, the same thing occurred. It felt like the tooth had moved, and that my bite was forever "off". After a week or two, I noticed that it was perfectly fine again. Not sure if it was swelling, imagination, whatever. Give it a bit before you look into doing anything about it.
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Three weeks isn't long enough for all the swelling to have gone down, or for all the tenderness in your poor brutalized jawbone to have gone away. It's going to feel funny for a while.

If it still feels funny in another month, talk to your dentist.
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I agree. I had a major tooth extraction (they had to grind two teeth out) and my bite did not line up as before for several months. I either got used to it, or it returned to normal.

Coincidentally, they also damaged my hearing, so consider yourself lucky if this is your only problem.
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I had all my wisdom teeth (two impacted) out a couple years ago, and I had the same problem as you. It did clear up fine after a month or so. I guess just give it a little more time.
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